The case against Google Books: Do stakeholders’ anti-trust claims belong?
This paper analyzes The Authors’ Guild, Inc. et al v Google, Inc. (the “Google Books Case”) Proposed Settlement, filed in October 2008. The analysis focuses on the applicability of the anti-competitive complaints filed against the Proposed Settlement in approving the Proposed Settlement.

The Use of CBA in Analyzing Privacy Policy Issues
This is a sample policy memo designed discussing whether standard cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is an appropriate tool for analyzing privacy policy issues and proposals. This was written as part of the Ford School, University of Michigan’s class, Values, Ethics, and Public Policy.

U.S. Voter Registries and Questions of Privacy
This paper discusses the various laws and rules that affect the release, protection, and use of voter registries. It focuses on the potential for violation of individuals privacy through release and use of these records and what can be done to prevent violations in the future.